Tragedy strikes in Kansas city

In Kansas City early Saturday morning, instead of watching college game day before the football games started I kept hearing people talk about how this Kansas City Chief football player killed his girl friend and then went to the football stadium and killed himself in front of his coach and another player. This is sad because him and his girl friend had a 3 month old baby girl. Now she will have to grow up without her mom and dad.

It isn’t like this guy was working some 8 hour a day job for minimum wage. He was playing in the National football league and getting paid almost $2 million for this season. What could have been so bad that he kill his girl friend and then himself. Well some  psychologist say that this could be due to some concussions. Because there has been players that were alreays retired that killed themselves and psychologist say that is due to concussions and where the player becomes shaken or under stress.

That left the Kansas City football team with a decision to make on whether to play there game on sunday or postpone it. And they chose to go ahead and play and dedicate the game to Jovan Belcher in hopes that this would provide some type of distraction to get there minds off of what had happened and go play a football game.

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4 super conferences

In college sports you have your major conferences which are the SEC, Big East, Big 10, BIg 12, ACC, and Pac 12. Now they are talking about merging them into 4 super conferences which would shake up everything and alot of teams would go to a conference that they were not previously in.

This works out good because that brings in better competition which brings in more tv time and better money for all of the schools. It will take some time for us fans to get used to everything because it will be very different. But it is going to increase the tension on rivalries and make basketball and football better to watch.

This is no done deal but it could happen if the schools decide to buy into it like alot of the madia has. I found this information at

BCS Bowl Money

I don’t how many of you watch college football. But this past weekend Notre Dame beat USC to remain undefeated. This means since they are not in a conference that they will be playing in the National Championship. They are going to recieve $6.2 million because they are playing in a BCS bowl game. The other schools that play in automatic qualifying conferences will recieve $23.6 million. Which doesn’t really seem fair.

Well Notre Dame is not in a conference in football. So they will pocket the entire $6.2 million. Whereas the other schools that recieve the $23.6 will have to split that between all of the other schools on that conference. So really when it seems Notre Dame was getting the short hand of the deal they are really coming out on top.

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Smart move for Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers just fired their head coach because he lost 3 of his first 4 games, with a Laker team that many projected to go all the way this year. This was just his second year as head coach. Many suspected after that they would go back to the previous coach, Phil Jackson, who coached the Lakers to 5 world championships during his time in L.A. and 6 world championships in Chicago with Micheal Jordan. For me I figured this was a no brainer for them.

This morning I see breaking news on the bottom line on espn and I see that the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni, who is a good coach but, he clearly doesn’t have the resume of Phil Jackson. So I am just wondering what gave the Lakers organization some idea that Mike D’Antoni will do a better job than Phil Jackson. I guess we will see in the upcoming weeks what kind of choice that was for the Lakers.

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Griffin joins Jordan

Micheal Jordan has his own brand of shoes clothing and accessories. And he likes to get the big name athletes that are still playing to wear his brand to help promote it. And they just announced that Blake Griffin has joined the Jordan Brand team. They also signed some other players but they were most proud of Blake Griffin because he is a 2 time all star, he has won the dunk contest and he is an entertaining player to watch with his athletiicism.

This is going to be a big move for the Jordan brand because now Blake Griifin has to wear his brand and no one else. So everytime you see Blake Griffin on the basketball court or on a commercial he will be wearing something Jordan brand, because that is what he signed on to do. He is joined by Russell Westbrook who is another exciting player to watch and four rookies who have made big names for themselves in college.

This is a move in the right direction for Jordan Brand and we should start seeing some new clothing coming out pretty soon with these players names on them.

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Under Armour unveiling

Paul Lawrence Dunbar high school for Health Professionals and Under Armour unveiled there newly renovated facilities this past Friday as the school received a new turf feild, track, and state of the art omputer labs. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 am on Friday and then the first ever home night game for there homecoming game.

Dunbar high school must be so excited to be getting this new field, track, and compter lab because I know how excited I was when I got to play on my high school turf for the first time. It was a great feeling and this is not only big for Dunbar but for Under Armour as well because they are showing a different side of them by creatng this new field and track for this high school. You mostly see Under Armour on clothing and now you get to see them on a football field. So this is a big step for them and I am sure that we will see more of this to come in the near future.

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Oakley drops Lance Armstrong

Over the weekend I heard that Lance Armstrong had got into some trouble with drugs. Then I hear that they are stripping him of all his cycling titles he has won since 1998. And that includes his 7 tour de france titles. Im not sure what all of his spnosors are doing but as for Oakley, they have announced today that they are dropping his sponsorship but they are going to continue to support the live strong foundation because they feel that it has done a lot of good for people with cancer.

This really is sad news because Lance Armstrong was a sports icon. And he really showed what hard work and dedication can do no matter what is wrong with you. But now we find out that he was doing drugs and that just completely over shadows everything we knew about him. This just goes toshow everyone that drugs is not worth it because you are always going to get caught somewhere down the road.

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