Tragedy strikes in Kansas city

In Kansas City early Saturday morning, instead of watching college game day before the football games started I kept hearing people talk about how this Kansas City Chief football player killed his girl friend and then went to the football stadium and killed himself in front of his coach and another player. This is sad because him and his girl friend had a 3 month old baby girl. Now she will have to grow up without her mom and dad.

It isn’t like this guy was working some 8 hour a day job for minimum wage. He was playing in the National football league and getting paid almost $2 million for this season. What could have been so bad that he kill his girl friend and then himself. Well some  psychologist say that this could be due to some concussions. Because there has been players that were alreays retired that killed themselves and psychologist say that is due to concussions and where the player becomes shaken or under stress.

That left the Kansas City football team with a decision to make on whether to play there game on sunday or postpone it. And they chose to go ahead and play and dedicate the game to Jovan Belcher in hopes that this would provide some type of distraction to get there minds off of what had happened and go play a football game.

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