BCS Bowl Money

I don’t how many of you watch college football. But this past weekend Notre Dame beat USC to remain undefeated. This means since they are not in a conference that they will be playing in the National Championship. They are going to recieve $6.2 million because they are playing in a BCS bowl game. The other schools that play in automatic qualifying conferences will recieve $23.6 million. Which doesn’t really seem fair.

Well Notre Dame is not in a conference in football. So they will pocket the entire $6.2 million. Whereas the other schools that recieve the $23.6 will have to split that between all of the other schools on that conference. So really when it seems Notre Dame was getting the short hand of the deal they are really coming out on top.

I got this information from http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/dollars.


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