4 super conferences

In college sports you have your major conferences which are the SEC, Big East, Big 10, BIg 12, ACC, and Pac 12. Now they are talking about merging them into 4 super conferences which would shake up everything and alot of teams would go to a conference that they were not previously in.

This works out good because that brings in better competition which brings in more tv time and better money for all of the schools. It will take some time for us fans to get used to everything because it will be very different. But it is going to increase the tension on rivalries and make basketball and football better to watch.

This is no done deal but it could happen if the schools decide to buy into it like alot of the madia has. I found this information at http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/2012/11/super-conferences-here-we-come/.


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