Smart move for Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers just fired their head coach because he lost 3 of his first 4 games, with a Laker team that many projected to go all the way this year. This was just his second year as head coach. Many suspected after that they would go back to the previous coach, Phil Jackson, who coached the Lakers to 5 world championships during his time in L.A. and 6 world championships in Chicago with Micheal Jordan. For me I figured this was a no brainer for them.

This morning I see breaking news on the bottom line on espn and I see that the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni, who is a good coach but, he clearly doesn’t have the resume of Phil Jackson. So I am just wondering what gave the Lakers organization some idea that Mike D’Antoni will do a better job than Phil Jackson. I guess we will see in the upcoming weeks what kind of choice that was for the Lakers.

I got my information from espn reporters on television this morning.


One thought on “Smart move for Lakers?

  1. It sounds like the Lakers made a smart move firing the head coach due to a series of losses like that. I agree with you that Phil Jackson seems to be a better candidate for the position considering his experience and success he has had as a coach. Maybe they see something better in D’Antoni, and they will have just as much success as if they would have chosen to go back to Jackson. I am not a sports expertise or anything, but I think allowing Mike D’Antoni step into the position might be a good choice and a chance for him to build a resume similar to Jackson’s.

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