Griffin joins Jordan

Micheal Jordan has his own brand of shoes clothing and accessories. And he likes to get the big name athletes that are still playing to wear his brand to help promote it. And they just announced that Blake Griffin has joined the Jordan Brand team. They also signed some other players but they were most proud of Blake Griffin because he is a 2 time all star, he has won the dunk contest and he is an entertaining player to watch with his athletiicism.

This is going to be a big move for the Jordan brand because now Blake Griifin has to wear his brand and no one else. So everytime you see Blake Griffin on the basketball court or on a commercial he will be wearing something Jordan brand, because that is what he signed on to do. He is joined by Russell Westbrook who is another exciting player to watch and four rookies who have made big names for themselves in college.

This is a move in the right direction for Jordan Brand and we should start seeing some new clothing coming out pretty soon with these players names on them.

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