Under Armour unveiling

Paul Lawrence Dunbar high school for Health Professionals and Under Armour unveiled there newly renovated facilities this past Friday as the school received a new turf feild, track, and state of the art omputer labs. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 am on Friday and then the first ever home night game for there homecoming game.

Dunbar high school must be so excited to be getting this new field, track, and compter lab because I know how excited I was when I got to play on my high school turf for the first time. It was a great feeling and this is not only big for Dunbar but for Under Armour as well because they are showing a different side of them by creatng this new field and track for this high school. You mostly see Under Armour on clothing and now you get to see them on a football field. So this is a big step for them and I am sure that we will see more of this to come in the near future.

I found my information at http://www.sportsonesource.com/news/article_home.asp?Prod=1&section=2&id=44490.


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