Under Armour unveiling

Paul Lawrence Dunbar high school for Health Professionals and Under Armour unveiled there newly renovated facilities this past Friday as the school received a new turf feild, track, and state of the art omputer labs. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 am on Friday and then the first ever home night game for there homecoming game.

Dunbar high school must be so excited to be getting this new field, track, and compter lab because I know how excited I was when I got to play on my high school turf for the first time. It was a great feeling and this is not only big for Dunbar but for Under Armour as well because they are showing a different side of them by creatng this new field and track for this high school. You mostly see Under Armour on clothing and now you get to see them on a football field. So this is a big step for them and I am sure that we will see more of this to come in the near future.

I found my information at http://www.sportsonesource.com/news/article_home.asp?Prod=1&section=2&id=44490.


Oakley drops Lance Armstrong

Over the weekend I heard that Lance Armstrong had got into some trouble with drugs. Then I hear that they are stripping him of all his cycling titles he has won since 1998. And that includes his 7 tour de france titles. Im not sure what all of his spnosors are doing but as for Oakley, they have announced today that they are dropping his sponsorship but they are going to continue to support the live strong foundation because they feel that it has done a lot of good for people with cancer.

This really is sad news because Lance Armstrong was a sports icon. And he really showed what hard work and dedication can do no matter what is wrong with you. But now we find out that he was doing drugs and that just completely over shadows everything we knew about him. This just goes toshow everyone that drugs is not worth it because you are always going to get caught somewhere down the road.

I found my information at http://www.sportsonesource.com/news/spor/spor_article.asp?section=8&Prod=1&id=44422

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns own a few old hotels close to the arena in which they play. And they are thinking about tearing them down instead of restoring them like the city wants them to do. And this is making them look bad and it is causing quite a stir in the downtown area.

This might end up being nothing but it could end upo hurting the Suns financially because this is there fans that don’t like what they are doing. So they will not come to games and probably quit buying apparell until they get this straightened out. I don’t know how far this will go but it could end up hurting them pretty bad.

I found my information at http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/news/2012/10/08/phoenix-suns-demolition-plans-cause-a.html.

Nike in the NFL!

One other change this year in the NFL other than starting the season with replacement ref’s is the fact that Nike now is the official sponsor in providing all the teams in the NFL with there uniforms and all of the sideline gear and fan gear. This brought some big expectations on what the uniforms would look like because of how innovative they are with college uniforms.

But since the season has started the uniforms have been pretty much the same designs with just a few little tweeks like changing the trimming design. But they have made them more productive driven, which means by making them a tighter fit so the opposing team can not grab them so easily and changing the material.

By doing this Nike has put themselves way above there close competitors such as Under Armour, Adidas, and Reebok. Because Reebok lost out on all kinds of money by the NFL making the switch and Nike boomed. Under Armour and Adidas are still doing good but they are going to have to make some good decisions moving forward if they want to keep up with Nike.

I found my information at http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/dennis_dillon/04/02/nike/index.html