Small Business Success

I wanted to look up Hibbetts Sports to see how they are doing with the bigger industries doing so well. Because Hibbetts is like one of the smallest retail stores in the sports industry. When I got to looking I saw that they have recently closed down 5 underperforming stores. But on the other hand they have opened up 7 new stores in different areas and expanded 3 overperforming stores.

So it turns out that they are also having success. This surprised me a little bit because I thought that people would overlook them alot and just go to the bigger franchises such as Dick’s. But Hibbetts currently has 837 stores in 26 states. I assume that is primarily in the eastern part of the U.S. So they have more room to grow even bigger once they start expanding westward.

I found all of these statistics at And this just goes to show me that if you put the work in, even though you are smaller, you can still succeed.


Sporting Good’s stock market!

As I was reading an article on,, I saw that Dick’s Sporting Goods stock is at $52.44 which is a new 52 week high. Their last high was just at $52 a share. It amazes me that the way our economy is at the moment and with these other large Sporting Good industries such as Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, and Bass Pro, that Dick’s continues to do so well. This just tells me one thing about the business in the Sporting Good world, and that is how it is one type of business that is apparently still growing. Even though the economy is bad, people love sports and it shows because they always want the best equipment, and Dick’s supplies nothing but the best.

Cabela’s is another business doing very well in the Sporting Good world. They currently beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.39 per share by earning $0.47 per share for the second-quarter of 2012. And I found this article at So one industry isn’t completely running away and leaving everyone else behind. All of the stores are doing good and increasing market shares and profits. This success plus the fact that I love sports just tells me that this would be a great field for me to get in after I graduate.

One thing I have learned about myself growing up and playing sports is that I hate to lose. But with the facts I have seen and the knowledge about sports I think I could be really successful at running a Sporting Good’s business.

News on future career paths

My dream would be to open up a successful sporting goods store. That being because I have played several sports all my life and now that I can’t play anymore I would still like to stay close to sports. And I was looking around on some diferent websites for sporting good franchises and seen where Dicks’s and Gander Mountian is doing a little bit of expanding.

Dick’s is openin a new store in St. Louis that is only the second true runner store they will have and it is coming in October. The first one they opened was in Pittsburgh and these store are pretty much what the name says. They provide pretty much anything you could ever want to help you with running whether you just like to do it or if you are competitive runner and School team. They have the best running shoes, shorts, shirts, socks. Anything you need for running they got it.

Gander Mountain is an outdoor sporting goods store. They are also expanding but not with any new stores. They are doing some remdeling and expanding there already existong stores into bigger stores. There outdoor footwear wall is going to be 145 feet long. And they are adding over 20 name brands of footwear providers. Some of the bigger anmes are Adidas, Asics, Under Armour, and Reebok.

These two stores were about the only ones I could find any news on recently. I found the news on both of these stores at the same website which is Then I just clicked on the tab retail newsand it brought up information about Dick’s and Gander Mountain.